A take on the most expensive Starbucks in the world

Grabbing a piping cup of Latte from your regular Starbucks isn’t exactly the cheapest things you could do with your money. But, its nonetheless inevitable, for who on earth can survive cold misty mornings without the much-needed caffeine kick! Though, masses world over can ditch Starbucks opt for cheaper coffee options instead, there’s just something about the coffee-provider that keeps pulling them back to it!

While a regular cup of latte in the United States will cost you around $2.95 on an average, it isn’t the most heavily priced drink that Starbucks has to offer you! Going by a rough analysis of its prices across the globe, your cup of coffee in the States may actually cost you less than most others! That’s right! Standard Starbucks Lattes in Switzerland will cost you a steep $5.76, whereas those in India, Thailand and Vietnam will set you back by $7.99, $8.04 and $8.18 respectively! And you thought your coffee bills were on the rise!

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However, in the quest to find the most expensive Starbucks in the world, it’s Russia that tops the list, with regular latte prices in the country going as far as $12.32! Phew! That’s big money to spend on one coffee! So, next time you rant about the increasing prices in your nearest Starbucks, think about the what your Russian counterpart has to shell out for his lone latte!

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