Take a look inside the words largest Starbucks store that has opened in Shanghai

Starbucks is a giant in its own right. With thousands of outlets across the globe and many more in the pipeline, the marquee is easily conquering coffee heights like no other. Today, the brand is set to mark the opening of its new store in Shanghai, that will also be the largest of its kind in the world. Apart from being the biggest store in its lineage, the coffee house is doubly special as it will provide an out-of-the-world AR experience to its guests!

The Starbucks ‘augmented reality’ experience or AR as it is called is facilitated via a ‘roastery smartphone app’ that guests can download before entering the premise. With the help of their phones and the installed app, guests can point towards key features of the Roastery such as the cask and read new information that instantly appears onto their mobile screens. Throughout the coffee tour, guests can also collect virtual badges that can earn them a custom Roastery social media filter to share at the end. Visitors who are unable to download the Roastery app can also use a QR code reader on their phone for a compelling virtual reality experience.

Apart from the exclusive AR feature, the Shanghai store boasts of rich interiors impeccably done in wood and copper. Further, guests can also witness baristas handcrafting their favorite beverages and Princi bakers baking breads right before their eyes in the stately Starbucks outlet! From watching coffee beans being transformed into their ultimate form to breathing in its exotic aromas, visitors are welcomed to the ultimate coffee experience at the new Starbucks store in China! What’s more, the outlet also allows you to order your coffee from any spot in the 30,000 sq.ft building, without the need of queuing up at all! This is certainly what coffee heaven would feel like!

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