Teforia’s $400 ‘leaf’ Infuser is here to simplify tea lovers lives

It is true that happiness cannot be bought. But tea can! You might have heard that but not this: Teforia’s $400 ‘leaf’ infuser creates personification of bliss. Teforia knows that we underestimate the process of brewing that perfect cup of tea. Hence, its magical algorithms are here to free us from troubles. The Teforia ‘leaf’ infuser combines modern technology with the knowledge of tea masters and growing communities. It adjusts steeping time, temperature, tea leaf ratio, water needed, and number of infusions. The ingredients are transformed into complex layers that are enriched with zest and aroma.

This Californian brand, heralded as the world’s first tea-tech company, works directly with farmers and estates to offer a fresh, organic and rare collection of teas. Teforia’s ‘leaf’ infuser builds off of Teforia’s flagship product, the Teforia Classic, but is more affordable and is available online at Williams-Sonoma. The clean-formed and white machine, reads each package in order to work automatically and adjust its settings for optimized performance.

The Leaf works exclusively with Teforia’s Perfect Cup tea subscription ‘Sips’, which are smart, loose-leaf tea containers that promise to contain ‘the highest-quality tea on the planet’. Sips aren’t bad for the environment; rather, these little capsules are 90 percent compostable and fully recyclable. You can also choose to make your tea with either standard or boosted caffeine levels, simply by touching a button. One thing is certain: kitchens and chefs around the world are being transformed through smart home tech in recent years.

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