The Black Tie Gold Hand-Rolled Cigar Collection by London Cut

A fine cigar is the essence of life. While one can savor opulence with the 24 carat gold-wrapped cigar, but a hand rolled cigar is an ultimate treat for any cigar connoisseurs. The Black Tie Gold Hand-Rolled Cigar by London Cut are made by infusing fine Connecticut shade, which is then impeccably rolled in 24K edible gold. It holds high quality tobacco, and offers 2-3″ ashes to its smokers.

The magnificent Black Tie Gold Hand-Rolled Cigar Box includes 20 fine Dominican cigars with a Connecticut shade, and comes with a Custom Black Tie Cutter and Black Glass Top Humidor. No wonder they carry a $4,800 a pack price tag!

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However, you can pick one of these precious cigars for $500 too.

[London-Cut-Cigars Via Urban-Daddy]