The cruelties of Coronavirus: Noma, the world’s best restaurant is set to reopen as a burger and wine takeaway bar

For people who can’t wait for restaurants to open and binge on their favorites, there is an update from the gastronomical world. This especially concerns people living in Copenhagen or those who love visiting Copenhagen for the world-renowned restaurant Noma is changing its ways. From $500 tasting menus are now giving way to satisfying cheeseburgers. The restaurant is very well known as a two-Michelin-star restaurant that has also won accolades several times as the world’s best. This transition to burgers isn’t something you expect but coronavirus has impacted and completely changed the ways of the world. Noma, is very ideally located overlooking a lake in Christiania and attracts a lot of destination diners who will henceforth be served wine and burgers in the gardens on the grounds of the fancy restaurant. The reservations-only policy has gone for a toss too and they now welcome everyone with open arms with a new no-reservation, walk-in policy, and will include outdoor seating as well as a standard takeout method. Fans of Redzepi’s creative gastronomy shouldn’t lose heart as this is only a temporary setting to deal with the difficulties time is posing. You will soon find yourself trying to get a table at Noma months in advance. Till that happens again, find yourself enjoying an $18.40 burger to take away something that no one would’ve imagined happening at a place like Noma.

Noma’s wine and burger takeaway opens on May 21 at 1 p.m., with the wine bar operating between 1 p.m and 9 p.m. on Thursdays to Sundays. Alongside Denmark, some restaurants and cafés have started to reopen their outside terraces in Italy and Germany, while authorities in Spain and Greece have talked up the possibility of a summer tourist season.

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