The holy grail for sweet-tooths – Red wine pairing with Bvlgari chocolates

Where did this year go! It’s Valentine’s Day already. While a few silly lovebirds prepare to pamper their partners, and out-of-work cupids trying to revive the declining market of love, the real world retailers are scurrying to prepare for the first ‘busy’ season after New Year eve. And if you happen to be in close vicinity to Hong Kong, then Harbour City has something that exciting – its annual Chocolate Trail. Close to 30 internationally-renowned chocolate brands will be on offer. The lobby will be converted into a European train station to house the “Chocolate Trail Café”. Here you will be able to enjoy a chocolate tasting menu that will have chocolate from all over the world, with a list of matching beverages like wine, Chinese and Western tea, coffee, and others. Something like wine and cheese, but more Dubai-ish. Extravagant and exclusive and extra ordinary.

Yes, it is only chocolate at the end of the day, but the European train station sounds like fun. No? Whether you like chocolate or not, the event which runs until February 14, will give you a chance to do a good deed too. Customers can donate HK$200 to “Hong Kong Blood Cancer Foundation” and try two pieces of “BVLGARI IL CIOCCOLATO” chocolate gems with a glass of Carina’s Lau red wine.

BVLGARI artisanal chocolate is handcrafted by Chocolatiers in Tokyo with ‘unparalleled attention to quality and taste of Italy and Japan’. Here is a look at what else is on offer that day:

1) BVLGARI IL CIOCCOLATO coffee caramel and truffle chocolate gem (Hong Kong exclusive) pairing with CARINA 2012 SAINT-EMILION GRAND CRU

2) BVLGARI IL CIOCCOLATO Bergamot and Earl Grey chocolate gem pairing with CARINA 2013 MARGAUX

3) BVLGARI IL CIOCCOLATO Vintage balsamic vinegar and rosehip strawberry chocolate gem pairing with CARINA 2013 HAUT-MEDOC

4) VLGARI IL CIOCCOLATO Gorgonzola cheese chocolate gem pairing with CARINA 2013 HAUT-MEDOC

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