The perfect gift for every Oenophile, the Wine Cellar Management System

Collectors of any and all types of paraphernalia, objects d’art, books, cars, you name it, one of this issues one has to contend with, aside from having the money to spend on collecting, is the management of the items. For the Oenophile, this can be a daunting challenge, but not anymore. One company has designed the perfect high-tech system that will help every Oenophile keep track of their wines in a simple and easy cataloguing method.

Using three items viz. a wireless scanner, barcode labels for tagging and a system that uses a 17 inch touchscreen system that’s Wi-Fi/Ethernet ready, collectors can now easily locate and id any wine in their collection. All one needs to do with a new bottle is scan the barcode and just type in the first three letters of a wine’s name; this will enable the system to search through a database of 350,000 wine varieties, locate the wine in question, add an image, the country of origin, region and grape variety and store it in your inventory. When it’s time to “pop the cork” all one need do is scan the bottle again and it would be removed from your list.

Not only does the Oenophile’s Wine Cellar Management System give you all of this information with a single scan, but it also provides you with information regarding reviews, tasting notes, and current values for every wine. And of course, to cater to the aesthetic appeal of those with fine wine tastes, this handy collector’s system comes with a solid-oak stand handmade with dovetail joints just so it goes with your decor. The $4000 price tag also includes a Lifetime Guarantee.

[Available at – Hammacher]

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