The rare Brora 40 YO is Diageo’s most expensive whisky ever

Fermented grain mash, a single cask and culmination of years; Brora 40 is Diageo’s heirloom and pinnacle of the “silent distillery”. Diageo has released just 160 bottles of the rare spirit, which priced at $11,690 is its most expensive single malt whisky release to date.

What’s so special about this whisky?
Errol Flynn famously said he liked his women young and his whisky old. Despite the closure of Northern Scotland’s Brora Distillery in 1983, some of its single malt whisky has been slowly aging in the fabled distillery. Bottled at its natural cask strength of 59.1% ABV., the fine pale gold malt is the oldest and rarest Brora to date and the Diageo’s most expensive single malt whisky. With only 160 bottles produced worldwide, the Brora 40 Year Old is exclusive to World of Whiskies.

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Nose, Palate and Finish
Bottled in the exquisite crystal faceted decanter, Brora 40 Year Old reflects the true quality, craftsmanship and luxury credentials of the rare Brora elixir. The decanter is nestled in a wooden case, an interpretation of the closed Brora distillery, handcrafted by the Queen’s Cabinet Makers, N.E.J Stevenson. The fascinating luxury liquor’s decanter bears the golden emblem of Scottish Wildcat, the guardian of the closed distillery and crest of the distiller’s founder, the Duke of Sutherland. The crystal stopper is inked with the number ‘40’ and the decanter has an engraved copper neck detailing the 1972 distillation year.

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Brora has a distinctive smoky nose with a gentle touch of honey, musk and hints of menthol. The whisky is pleasantly fragrant with fusion of ground white pepper, toasted hazelnuts with subdued aroma of dried fruits. On the palate, a hint of eucalyptus and spice form an undercurrent of citrus clarity against smooth and savory wood-smoke. With water, sweet wood smoke lingers with hints of dark chocolate.

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Priced at $11,690 per 70cl bottle, Brora 40 Year Old Single Malt Whisky will be available for purchase from 21st April 2014.

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