The Ritz London pays tribute to Faberge’s imperial Mosaic Egg with a one-of-its-kind three-course lunch

If eggs could come par royalty, they would certainly look like the Imperial Mosaic Egg that was created by Faberge back in the day. The bejeweled egg, a gift from Tsar Nicholas II to his wife Alexandra in 1914 was fashioned with diamonds, rubies, emeralds, topazes, quartz, sapphires and garnets and an extra border of pearls and large diamonds alongside a gemstone setting.

Paying the ultimate tribute to this jeweled excellence is The Ritz London that will re-create the magic of the mosaic egg for a grand three-course Easter meal. Conceptualized by executive chef John Williams, with wine pairings selected by head sommelier Giovanni Ferlito, the lavish spread will include the Eggs Fabergé, inspired by the iconic Mosaic Egg along with a list of other preparations. The prime item will come in the form of a soft-boiled quail’s egg delicately encased in lobster mousseline and further decorated with gems made out of aubergine, courgette and heritage carrot set out on a plate of pasta.

The spread will serve 10 guests at a time and will also include exotic preparations of lamb with wild garlic, asparagus and morels and a decadent hazelnut mousse with a Toscano nut brown cremeux served alongside the best of wines. Additionally, guests will also receive a limited edition menu card signed by Williams and Sarah Fabergé, the great-granddaughter of Fabergé’s founder. The three-course meal by Ritz London will clearly come for a grand prize, although the exact details on its cost and timings are currently unknown.

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