The St Regis San Francisco is making the worlds most expensive bubble tea

While Bubble tea may be our favorite, it is far from being called fancy. Given the amount of corn starch and sugary ingredients that go into its making, fine-dinners are sure to stir far away from it. However, that bit is about to change soon. Thanks to tea manufacturing firm – Tealeaves and the St. Regis San Francisco, our beloved Bubble Tea can now be sipped on, even in at deluxe dining arrangements.

The two brands have collaborated to create the world’s most expensive Bubble tea, by completely elevating and transforming the drink as we knew it. They have even gone to the lengths of re-naming the infamous Bubbly concoction as – “The Boba Tea shake”! Created by Franck Desplechin, executive chef at The St. Regis San Francisco, the novel beverage will include a delicious combination of Indian, Chinese, and Ceylon black teas, which are blended beautifully with lychee and passionfruit oils. What makes this bubble tea special though is the technique of merging it by using ice, in a way that is completely different from that used for hot tea.

Furthermore, rich Tapioca pearls are infused with an herbal tea blend and paired with a passionfruit coulis, sea salt caramel foam, and even fleur de sel for Boba’s mesmerizing blend. Early this year, the St. Regis, San Francisco also presented us with the world’s most expensive macaroons. To think of it, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to sample them with a glass of our lovely BoBa Tea Shake! The Lychee Passionfruit Bubble Tea re-make can also be purchased for $23.95 at


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