The worlds most expensive bottle of Vodka is found empty at a construction site

We recently brought to you a story of the most expensive Vodka bottle that was stolen from an Uptown Bar in Copenhagen. The precious Vodka decanter that was flung away by an unknown thief is finally found, after the endless search operations conducted in its absence. And thanks to the mercy of Vodka gods, the bottle is in one piece even though its contents are completely missing.

Brain Ingberg, the owner of the Bar that housed the classic Russo-Baltique bottle before its theft, exclaimed, “I feel fantastic. The vodka god saved us.” The expensive Vodka Holder was found at a construction site by one the workers deployed there. Even though it is missing the exotic Vodka inside, Ingberg is confident that its value will remain unaffected. He further added, “We still have the same vodka that was in the bottle before, so we we’ll just fill it again.”

The gold and diamond encrusted bottle that was created by Dartz Motorz, a car manufacturer in Riga, Latvia, also came with an original 1912 leather ribbon from the company’s first Monte Carlo rally car. It is rumored that the stolen wonder was deliberately left at the construction site, as the unknown thief later feared the repercussions of his disapproved act. Whatever be the reason, the world’s most expensive (and now famous) Vodka Bottle has safely found a way back to its rightful owner for now!


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