The worlds most expensive food is white gold caviar at $112k per kilo

Move over Gold Leaf and Almas Beluga, Strottarga Bianco or the white gold caviar is here to take your place at the top of the luxury food pyramid. This new caviar is made from rare albino sturgeon fish eggs and is laced with 22 carat gold and sells for $112,600 (£73,000) per kilo, which is just the discounted price available to a select few; the actual price is said to be a whopping $308,757 (£200,000) per kilo. Titled as the world’s (current) most expensive food, this golden yellow powder can be made into paste, risotto or just spread atop a buttered toast and just a spoonful comes packed with immense flavor, because of the seasoning added to the eggs before they dry.

Its makers, Austrian fish farmer Walter Gruell and his son Patrick, use only the roe from the fish caught in the freshest waters of the river so that it remains pure and unpolluted. This particular fish also happens to be the same fish their ancestors used for medicinal, healing purposes. They added the gold leaf because of its multiple benefits to the immune system. So in all, you’re probably also paying for the health benefits that come with it; but then again, if you do have a pocket deep enough to buy this, you’re probably royalty and don’t really care about its health quotient.

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