This addition to Glenmorangie’s Bond House No. 1 Collection is the oldest whiskey matured by this distillery

Whiskey enthusiasts now finally have a reason to break into a dance! Amid the pandemic gloom, renowned distillery Glenmorangie has launched its oldest expression to the award-winning Bond House No. 1 Collection. A delight for connoisseurs, the latest edition is a bottle of the 1996 Grand Vintage Malt, the oldest of its kind to be matured in the distillery’s bespoke casks.

To reap the best results for the novel edition, Glenmorangie distillers apparently traveled to Missouri’s Ozark Mountains, where trees grow slower, to handpick the best American white oaks that would presumably add more flavor to the whiskey. Barrels were then designed to precise specifications and weathered with select bourbon to bring them to their best – the 1996 Grand Vintage Malt.

Bottled at a mellow 43%, the 23-year-old expression is the oldest maturation yet to come from the casks at Glenmorangie. Commenting on it, Glenmorangie’s director of distilling- Dr. Bill Lumsden said, “Glenmorangie Grand Vintage Malt 1996 wonderfully demonstrates how we can bring our most extraordinary dreams to life. The oldest whisky we have ever aged in our bespoke casks, its fresh, floral aromas and luxuriously creamy tastes are gloriously enhanced by age.”

Boasting fresh, floral notes with a tinge of citrus and vanilla, the edition is limited to merely 10,000 bottles and forms part of the brand’s Bond House No. 1 Collection. A bottle of The 1996 Grand Vintage Malt retails at $ 825 and is currently available for purchase on Glenmorangie’s official website.

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