This American Restaurant in London offers unique Instagram Kits to diners along side meals

We often hear gastronomic experts cringing over those who incessantly click pictures of food and beverages. While the notion of savoring food rather than flaunting it may be true, shrewd hoteliers seem to be going down a completely different road. Here to encourage food connoisseurs into photographing their food further is an American fast food restaurant in London that is serving unique Instagram aids to its diners alongside their meals!

Think I just found my new phone background. #YolkPorn for days.

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Situated in Soho, the restaurant named ‘Dirty Bones’ is supporting the #foodporn saga in a unique and rather enticing way. Every diner here can demand his or her own ‘Instagram Kit’ that includes a portable LED light, a multi-device charger, a clip-on wide-angle lens, a tripod, and a selfie stick. These kits come free of charge and the guests can use them throughout the duration of the meal. In a fair bid, the restaurant too seems to be taking immense pains to make the food look drool and Instagram worthy for you. Its artfully plated items include inventive spins on American favorites such as cheeseburger dumplings and fried balls of macaroni and cheese, as well as delicious drinks such as the Dirty Mary (a Bloody Mary with pickle juice and “sour cream Pringles” on the rim) and The Fab (a gin-based cocktail with a rim ringed with thousands of little spherical sprinkles).

Would 10/10 sell my soul for unlimited Cheeseburger Dumplings. If you don't know, now you know.

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Furthermore, the décor at the Dirty Bones also shouts ‘click me’ with floor-to-ceiling bookcases for em’ poses and snappy neon signs that read “Good vibes only,” “Keeping it real,” and “It was all a dream” and! You now know where you need to head for the perfect #foodgasm and selfies in London!


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