This Barista in South Korea is creating incredible art on people’s latte’s

Every one of us can relate to the immense bliss that can be derived from a cup of coffee. The bitter-sweet concoction lathered up perfectly in a cup is no less than heaven, especially after a grilling day at work. And this Barista in South Korea is only about to make your coffee dreams (and realities) a bit bigger and better! Known as Lee Kang Bin, the ingenious coffee head is creating art forms on coffees unlike we have ever seen before!

If you are thinking on the stereotypical lines of hearts and leaves atop the coffee cups, you will need to notch it up a million steps here, as Mr. Kang Bin is duplicating the likes of Starry Nights and the Scream with his unique coffee making skills! The genius and self-trained artist uses simple tools and a mere dash of cream and edible food dyes to conjure up these beauty cups! Each cuppa takes him only 15 minutes to finish, with his best features including Disney favorites such as Bambi, Snow White and Winnie the Pooh, as well as startlingly realistic versions of Edgar Degas’s dancers and Leonardo DiCaprio portraits.

Mr. Kang Bin is currently selling his iconic coffee cups at “Café C. Through” in Seoul for a steep sum of 10,000 won or $8.70. He also owns an Instagram page by the name of CreamArt that has garnered over 160,000 followers till date, for obvious reasons! Time to head onward Seoul, please!


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