This hotel near the Buckingham Palace sells tea for a whopping $200 per cup

People in Britain adore a good cup of tea. However, in taking their love for the beverage to a whole new level, the Rubens at the Palace Hotel (situated on the doorstep of the famous Buckingham Palace) is now serving it for a whopping $200 per cup! Yes, that’s right! The luxe tea is touted as being the most expensive of its kind in the UK and is now being served to connoisseurs from world over!

Dubbed as the ‘Golden Tips’, the fancy Rubens Tea is produced in the highlands of Sri Lanka where it is hand-picked by expert tea-puckers, before being sundried on a velvet cloth. It is sourced by the hotel in collaboration with specialist tea merchants PMD Tea and is said to have a mix of ‘smooth, light, mellow texture with hints of fruity notes.’ Those who order this exotic tea are also given a ceremonial experience of the sort along with it.

At first, the Ceylon tea leaves are plucked by a white-gloved tea server using gold tweezers and ‘weighed with precision’. Thereafter, the tea is lightly brewed and poured in cups with freshly baked scones, pastries and finger sandwiches served in the tow. An entire pot of the Golden Tips can be purchased for $620, which makes one of its cups worth a steep $200.

Commenting on the exquisite process, Dananjaya Silva, Managing Director & Tea Master at P.M.David Silva & Sons, said: ‘The exquisite Rubens Golden Tips tea leaves can be infused as many as three times, with the flavor profile changing each time so you can enjoy a new depth of flavor. On the first infusion, you will notice a smooth and velvety floral note on the tip of the palate paired with flavors of melon, pear and sweet honey” He further added, ‘After the Rubens’ staff top up the pot with special hot water, notice a dry oaky finish on the back palate. The final infusion is far drier, but the sweetness is still present, mixed with delicious citrus and oaky note.’
Care to have a cuppa of the exotic Rubens Golden Tips tea?


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