This ice bucket costs a ridiculous $21,000

While buying expensive scotch and ornamented liquor bottles make sense, spending a fortune on a barely needed ‘supporting’ accessory like an ice bucket or chiller sure sounds like a game for the fools! But then again, we all come with our follies and displaying one of them rather too proudly is Mr. Porter that recently unveiled a Stag headed champagne cooler for a price that can fetch you a lifetime’s supply of divine Himalayan ice, amongst other things!

The embellished ice bucket in itself is a pretty stunning piece with two beautifully done stag heads replacing its handles. Created in the heart of London with the use of a traditional copper wheel engraving technique, the piece speaks volumes of the brand’s expertise and its rather misplaced attention for detail. While we aren’t arguing the matter of finesse and quality here, it would be unfair to not state that most of it was wasted on a mere ice bucket, that at the maximum can fetch you…errm ice!

But, but, on second thoughts, where would you find a stag-headed piece of art that doubles as a champagne cooler and a noble ice carrier for you? So, what if it costs $21,307, it might just make sense to all your savings on an ice bucket after all! At least, that’s what Aspen would like you to think.

[Available at : Mrporter]

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