This Instagram account lets you shame and rate the food served by airlines from across the world

Let’s admit it! Critiquing, capturing and commenting on airline food is one of our favorite things to do. And while each of us have done it, (either with a peer or in our heads) at some point in time, never have we ever had a public outlet to express our outright dismay (or pleasure) over the in-flight culinary specialties that we’ve savored in life.

Presenting us with one such chance is a unique Instagram platform that is now inviting fliers from across the world to come together and share stories about airplane food. Going by the name of @airplanefoodselfie, the Instagram handle allows you to mourn over your distasteful (or not) airplane sagas, while also commenting on and rating those of others. The forum operates on a simple premise wherein users submit pictures of their airplane food for others to rate on a scale of 1- 10.

It is started by Henry Wu, a full-time traveler who has now posted over 300 posts on the handle. Commenting on the account, Wu stated, “People seem to really like the idea of the @airplanefoodselfie account, maybe because it’s unique and people are curious.” He further added, “A lot of other people probably also take pictures of airplane food when they travel like I do but never know what to do with them so I’m giving them a channel to showcase it.” Well, if you like gossiping about airplane food just as much, you know where to head right away!


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