This is the world’s most expensive milkshake. It comes with Gold, saffron… and an $80 price tag!

A family restaurant in the UK, might just find itself in the record books for their wallet busting new milkshake. Cardiff’s Grill n Shake restaurant served up a decadent £50 (around $80) milkshake for Vanilla Milkshake Day (Saturday, the 20th of June) with ultra-luxe ingredients saffron to real gold. Here’s what goes into this decadent drink.

It all starts with ice cream made from Tahitian vanilla pods and rich Jersey milk. Then some precious saffron –the most expensive spice in the world- is thrown into the mix. The larger than life toppings for this magnificent milkshake include 23ct edible gold leaf, Italian black truffle shavings from Umbria and Amedei chocolate from the Tuscany region of Italy (supposedly among the world’s most expensive chocolates.

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The restaurant served up the rich treat just for one day (Can’t believe we missed it!), but the owner did say that if the special milkshake proved to be very popular, he would consider adding it to the menu, there might be hope yet!

Imtiaz Hussain owner of the Grill n Shake said, “Our milkshakes normally cost around £3.75 but we wanted to push the boat out and celebrate Vanilla Milkshake Day in style. We have sourced the best and highest priced ingredients from around the world to create a milkshake of pure luxury. If it becomes popular then we may just add it to our menu.”

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[Via – Wales Online]

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