This London bar sells the most expensive cognac in the world – $3200 for a 10ml shot

While you may have regularly drank shots of tequila/vodka at your local bar, guzzling up cognac, and the most expensive of its kind in a setting like that, would never really have cross your mind. However, presenting you with one such opportunity to sample the priciest cognac in the world is a London-based M group restaurant that is now selling the iconic Rome de Bellegarde 1894 to its guests.

The limited-edition Rome de Bellegarde 1894 was discovered in the cellars of Cognac house Jean Filloux by fifth-generation cellar master Pascal Filloux. It is believed to be the first blend created by Jean Filloux in 1894, with only 67 bottles of the spirit ever to have been in production. A blend of four eaux-de-vie aged for more than 70 years, the Rome de Bellegarde 1894 also entered into the Guinness Book of World Records earlier this year after a 40ml measure of the spirit was bought for a whopping £10,014 at a charity event.

Commenting on its listing, Director at Threadneedle Street, Zach Charilaou said, “This is an extremely exciting partnership for M and we can’t wait to start selling such an incredible cognac.” He further added, “Our members and regular diners at M are very distinguished regarding their drinks choices so I have no doubt that they will be keen to try Rome de Bellegarde. We offer members the option of purchasing their favourite spirits by the bottle, which we then keep locked away just for them.” Guests can sample the limited-edition cognac at the Victoria or Threadneedle sites of M Restaurant for £2,514/10 ml shot or for £250,000 /one-liter decanter.


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