Tiffany meows at Japan’s Cat Street

Tiffany & Co. made a grand opening with a new concept store in Tokyo on Friday. It’s located at a well-known shopping destination called ‘Cat Street’. Primarily, outdoor, athletic, used clothing and stores dedicated to lower-priced diffusion lines of luxury brands can be found there. The store is a six-storeyed building, precisely 5,059 square feet is finished elegantly in white and iconic Tiffany blue. At the entrance, the sweet fragrance from a vending machine selling perfumes is attractive to everyone. Further, two instant customization counters are placed where customers can get heartfelt messages or drawings engraved on the jewellery. Also, there’s a one-of-a-kind Tokyo themed photo booth. What’s more? The store also houses Tiffany’s first ever cafe in the country, which designed to look like a retro American diner.

To commemorate the opening the store will be selling exclusive pendants which will be engraved with store’s logo. It’s a cat’s head with an at-the-rate figure. In a bid to make the store more welcoming to younger customers it has been designed in a way that the staff does not stay behind the counters like in a traditional jewellery store but interacts and mingles with the customers.

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