Too cheesy? French Chef sets Guinness World Record by adding 254 varieties of cheese on a pizza

Did you know that by some estimates, there are more than 1,800 different types of cheese in the world of which about 1,600 are distinct types of French cheese? It doesn’t come as a shock that Chef Benoît Bruel set out to break the Guinness World Record for the most varieties of cheese on a pizza. The French chef chose to create a pizza-making history by creating a visionary pie that contains 254 different varieties of cheese. Guinness World Records announced that the Lyon-based pizzaiolo had broken the previous record with his 12-inch pizza. The judging was based on a video posted by French food and travel YouTuber FlorianOnAir back in February that documents the creation of this record-breaking culinary masterpiece. Bruel set out to break the record because of his belief that France should own the record because it is known for its cheeses. This pizza features Tomme Artisanale Suisse de la Venoge aux truffes, Rocamadour, Manigodine, La Vieielle Louche, Quattrocento, raclette, Picolin, Comté 9 mois, an eight-month Comté 8, and Chaource, among several hundred others.

While pizza is considered to be fast food with a supremely yummy tasting slice ready and out in less than 2 minutes; the record-holding pizza also took a record-worthy long time to be prepared. The 254 cheese pizza was made at Déliss in a painstakingly long 2 hours and cost nothing less than $1000. Some lucky customers were able to try a piece of the indulgent creation which uses over one-and-a-half pounds of cheese at approximately $60 a piece.

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