Topping at $3200 a pound, truffle gets even dearer this year

The exotic taste of truffles may need to stay confined to your dreams as your palate probably wouldn’t get any this year! Owing to the dry and strangely hot weather conditions in Italy – the core supplier of truffles, there has been a steep rise in the prices of the delicious fungi. The high demand for the subterranean fruit has left food connoisseurs roaming from pillar to post in its search, with little or no luck.

As per reports, the wholesale prices of fungi have toppled over $3000 per pounds, making it double of what it was last season. It is also reported that the drastically smaller harvest has led to a 90 percent drop in supply, thus causing frenzy amongst truffle lovers and food businesses. This is especially bad for top-notch restaurants who would either need to scrap out truffle-based dishes from their menu, or in the alternative bear the losses on the increased prices of the hard-to-get fungi.

At Mario Batali’s Babbo in NYC, for instance, the white truffle supplement is currently priced at $125, which is just $26 more than it was four years ago. This means that the decrease in truffle production cannot mean a burden on customers, as there is only so much they would be willing to pay for its exotica. Similarly, increased prices are still to reflect down in refined products like truffle butter and oils. You may just need to make peace with mushrooms this season.


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