Urwerk has collaborated with Macallan for a mechanical hip-flask

Among the most unexpected collaborations of the year is the partnership between Urwerk and The Macallan. One company is known for their unorthodox and futuristic timepieces while the other is a heritage brand that is steeped in tradition, however their collaboration brings out the best in both brands through a unique flask.

Composed of 150 parts, the flask consists of two titanium tanks, each with a 108ml capacity which allow you to carry two of your favorite whiskies wherever you go. A spring-loaded directional mouthpiece allows you to switch between the two tanks while the cask indicators serve to remind you of the age and wood type of the whiskies inside. Winglets on the cask can be used to create a stand for the flask.

Ken Grier, Creative Director of The Macallan, said, “The Macallan continues to push the boundaries of possibility and has been defying convention since 1824. Through inspiring partnerships we are continuing to change the rhythm of traditional Scotch whisky perceptions. Our latest collaboration with pioneering watchmaker URWERK has created a remarkable flask beyond imagination. Just like time is fundamental in the making of The Macallan as each bottle distils and captures a moment in time, URWERK uses the same mastered process to create its own vision of time.”

The flask is priced at £1,995 which is a little under $2,500 at current exchange.


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