Veuve Clicquot launches Rich: A champagne designed for mixology

Veuve Clicquot’s latest offering is a unique champagne created specially to be used in mixed cocktails. Called “Rich” the beverage is sweeter than other champagnes and brings out the best in the fruit and vegetable juices that it’s mixed with. The drink is best served in a wide rimmed glass rather than a flute and tastes excellent with fruits like strawberries and grapefruit or even interesting vegetables like cucumber and red and yellow peppers.

“After three centuries, we’re launching the first Champagne for mixology. It’s a bold move – some may think of it as sacrilege,” Veuve’s new president Jean-Marc Gallot told the Toronto Star, “We believe Clicquot should always move forward. Tradition is good in life, but in this challenging world, we have to push the boundaries.”

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With Rich, Veuve is aiming to woo younger consumers and the packaging is clearly designed with this goal in mind. Silver foil pattered with an anchor design offset by a brilliant orange label, make the bottle pretty youthful and fun.

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