Virgil Abloh designs a brand new 100% recycled bottle for Evian

Virgil Abloh is hailed in the design arena for reasons evident enough. And in spinning his magic yet again, the maverick has loaned sensibilities in designing a brand-new bottle for Evian. Fully recycled with a hammered motif, the bottle is a chic ode to sustainability and just what the world needs at the moment.

Commenting on it, Abloh, in a statement said, “My new hammer motif reflects how this new design has been reconstructed from waste materials, which in itself was a whole new challenge, and a new step in my partnership with Evian. It is now more important than ever to practice sustainability; I believe we all have the power to challenge the status quo and to change our future for the better.”

He further added, “It was a real challenge to take on the redesign of the Evian bottle; an image which is so commonplace in our culture. I wanted to create a shape that was as iconic as the Evian brand, whilst representing how the product has been reinvented using old bottles.”

The bottle references its recycled construction and the previous life of the container. The exclusive Evian design is set to release in March this year and will be made available in select locations in the United States of America. Well, recycled sure never looked better than this!

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