What were they thinking? Neiman Marcus is now retailing $66 collard greens

There’s not many things that a luxury retailer could do that would make us side-eye them this much, but Neiman Marcus has definitely managed the epic feat. Their website’s gourmet food section recently featured soul food staple Collard Greens with the laughable price of $66. Collard greens which you could buy at most restaurants at a fraction of the price, in fact, they may even be growing in your garden for free!

At first we thought that a sprinkling of exotic ingredients or a layer of gold leaf may have been responsible for this astronomical pricing, but that wasn’t the case at all. The greens are simply prepared with spices and bacon, which, by the way is not even the authentic way to cook them. Collard greens are traditionally cooked with ham hocks, just ask any soul food enthusiasts.

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While the collard greens are particularly ridiculous, Neiman Marcus’ gourmet section really has no business selling $70 potato casseroles or $65 broccoli and cheese bakes. None of the dishes include special ingredients or recipes so how is it any different from eating at your local diner? Neiman Marcus, we love you, but please stick to selling us handbags and evening dresses.

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We may complain and joke, but Neiman Marcus will laugh all the way to the bank. The non-authentic $66 collard greens seem to have sold out faster than the organic kale at your hipster supermarkets. The luxury retailer’s marketing strategies may be inscrutable to us, but they’re clearly working on some people!