What’s the Dom Pérignon x Byblos anniversary collection really all about?

The epic Caves du Roy nightclub at Saint Tropez’s fabled Byblos Hotel has aged a miraculous 50 years and to honour their golden jubilee, Dom Pérignon has unveiled an intriguing limited-edition selection of five bottles. Inspired by Methuselah, each bottle echoes a decade from the most recent 50 years. Yes, we are indeed talking about the evocative 70’s to the dazzling 10’s.

Perched well within the luxurious Les Caves du Roy, the nightclub is a reflection of contemporary music. I’m certain most will be surprised to discover that the club has maintained the same look sported since its foundation 50 years ago; baroque columns with gold brocade still tower above VIP booths embroidered with the notorious Byblos insignia and oriental touches.

Now, what’s the Dom Pérignon x Byblos anniversary collection all about? Well, both neophytes and connoisseurs can relish the Dom Pérignon Vintage 2003 featuring in the assortment.

Cellar master Richard Geoffroy describes it as “a duality between restraint and expression,” but above all, for him, this particular vintage speaks to their deep-rooted philosophy and commitment to the brand’s legacy.

Retailing exclusively at Les Caves du Roy, the Dom Pérignon Byblos Exclusive Series will be available until October 7th, 2017.

[Via:Le Figaro Vin]

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