Why Philadelphia’s Barclay Prime has been labelled as the most expensive cheesesteak?

How much would you really dish out for a Philly cheesesteak? While most cheesesteaks are priced around $7 to $13; Stephen Starr’s Barclay Prime is not a sub or pizza shop, and their cheesesteak is not like most cheesesteaks.

Considering it comes with a steep price tag pf $120, we decided to decipher the dish. What sets this dish apart are its three primary ingredients; Wagyu ribeye, foie gras and truffled cheese.

The one and only, Barclay Prime Cheesesteak. // 📷: @snaveassiram

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Wagyu ribeye is a rare certified graded-A5 beef, which comes from a Japanese cow, while foie gras, otherwise known as fattened duck liver, is cooked in a separate pan and placed on the bottom half of the roll. The steak is then added on top of the foie gras, followed by a truffle cheese whiz sauce, accompanied with a side of pickled peppers.

The icing on the cake is a mini-sized champagne bottle (basically filling two glasses) served with the dish.

Our Philadelphia bucket list now definitely includes this delicacy, but it’s certainly for those with deep pockets given its price tag.


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