World’s most expensive cake encrusted with 2000 diamonds is worth $50 million

A bejeweled wedding cake can add a lavish icing to a wedding. Cake, a bakery in Chester, England, unveiled the world’s most expensive cake that can make a wedding day an extravagant affair. Encrusted with more than 2000 diamonds, equivalent to 2046 carats, this exclusive six-tier cake is one-and-a-half meters tall. The wedding cake is estimated to be worth an astounding $50 million, which knocks the $35 million dollar worth Pirates Fantasy cake, and Black Swan Luxury’s $315,000 Wedding Cake from the most expensive cake label. Specially created for The National Gay Wedding Show, this cake is a masterpiece of Bespoke jewelers Russell and Case and CAKE Bakery in Chester.

The cake will be exhibited for The National Gay Wedding Show, at BT Convention Centre at the Echo Arena in Liverpool on 3rd March 2013.


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