At $260 this is the worlds most expensive bar of chocolate

While chocolate love can mount serious heights, Carl Schweizer’s To’ak chocolates have redefined chocolate extravagance like no other. The $260 luxury bar that now records as the most expensive in the world, is brought to you from the remote Finca Sarita farms in Ecuador after passing a process that can easily put the best wineries to shame.

Curated from cacao taken off 100-year-old Arriba cacao trees (that are probably the last of the species left on earth), the chocolate rolls through a tedious 36 step process before gaining its final edible form. Prior to being fermented, the rare cacao beans are meticulously handpicked and ground to perfection. Thereafter, the liquid chocolate is hand-molded in a classic shape with a shelled bean (measuring 7mm to 8mm) placed at the center. Pure to its very core, the chocolate is a simple mix of 81 percent cacao mass and sugar. While it may look straightforward, the entire process takes close to two years with only 600 bars being produced as an end result.
Further, the exquisite dark chocolate is presented in a wooden box with wooden tongs that enable savoring it without the oil from your fingers tarnishing its texture. A 116-page booklet explaining the origin and pedigree of the fine beans is also included in the final packaging. For a net weight as fragile as 1.5 ounces, this luxurious chocolate stands priced at $260 with the Vintage 2014 range of a limited 100 bars retailing further at $315 to $345. Nonetheless, you’re a chocolate lover with deep pockets, trying this one should definitely top your to-do list!

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