World’s most expensive coffee packed in Swarovski-studded jar is launched in Japan

Taiwan’s Formosan Civet Coffee was recently launched in Japan. The brand has launched a limited Swarovski studded edition of the 100-gram civet coffee jars to mark this Japanese launch. Civet coffee known as Kopi luwak also carries the crown of the world’s most expensive coffee. This dazzling 100-gram jar is available for JPY 88,800 ($900), while the normal 100-gram jars of the civet coffee are priced at JPY6,800 ($69).

The civet coffee from Indonesia gets its name from the civet cat that plays an integral part in giving this coffee its delightful blend that appeals to the palette of many coffee experts and enthusiasts. The animal picks and eats great coffee berries, and once the berries have passed through the digestive tract of the civet cat, they are then harvested, cleaned, and made into a coffee blend.

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The description may not make the coffee sound tempting, but the mix created is what pleases your palette.

Only eight 100 gram jars of the Formosan Civet Coffee Luxury Collection are up for grabs!

[Via – Formosancoffee]

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