World’s most expensive drink topped with a 4-carat Ruby marks White Barn Inn’s 40th anniversary

A new absurd idea with an insane new price tag, just another day in the luxurious life. The White Barn inn in Kennebunk, Maine, completes 40-years and celebrates its anniversary by creating a new drink, the ruby red cocktail. The mix contains Hangar one vodka, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice, pomegranate, rosewater, and a 4-carat ruby. Yes, you read it right. The drink will contain a real ruby and is priced at $40,000. So all those tired of diamonds can come clink to some ruby celebrating the Inn’s 40 years!

The late Laurence J. “Laurie” Bongiorno founded this infamous inn and would refer to it as a precious gem, so as the inn marks its 4 decades of bliss, the ruby was chosen. A New York Jeweler is ruby shopping for the cocktail stone. The stone is said to arrive one at a time in Kennebunk in about a month. Maître d’hôtel Matthew Swinford thinks they will be able to sell two of the drinks, a feat we hope they accomplish.

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Given the White Barn inn guest list includes wealthy business people, celebrities, and politicians seeking luxury and peace while staying at the 620 square-foot Loft suite paying more than $800 a night, money surely isn’t an issue for them.

When the Ruby Red cocktail has to be delivered, Swinford will literally pull out the white gloves as he pours the drink tableside in a martini glass so the guests can see the gem served in a high-quality sterling silver tray. The drink will be available on the menu by June.

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