You can now buy coffee that is made from the poop of a rare bird which is on a strict diet of ripe berries

In recent years, culinary and beauty onlookers have witnessed some bizarre trends. Remember, that newsfeed about Victoria Beckham using pigeon poop for facials? Think that is weird, well, now we hear about Jacu a bird whose poop is worth big bucks.

Native to Brazil, the Jacu has been categorised as highly endangered. The poop of the bird is used to process gourmet coffee, which is further sold around the world for staggering sums of money.

Why so expensive? Well, the collection from the bird’s rear must be done by hand and washed thoroughly before it can be de-husked from its protective membrane. Understandably so, it entails hours of additional labour by workers, and since the Jacu is listed as endangered, the discovery of the bird is regarded reward-worthy. Workers can receive an extra USD 50 for finding the Jacu droppings. Interestingly, the factor that determines the finesse of the coffee is the bird’s vegetarian diet that comprises of the finest of ripe berries.

Unquestionably the price difference is rather stark between the Jacu coffee and your average supermarket coffee. British luxury departmental store Harrod’s sells the Jacu Coffee Beans at a staggering $190 for 125 grams. In perspective, the same quantity of Starbucks French Roast ground coffee will cost you $4.

[Available at:Harrods]

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