You can now dine inside ‘safe’ geodesic domes at this Michelin-Starred Sushi Restaurant in San Francisco

With the pandemic calling us to maintain social distance, dining in bustling restaurants may feel like a distant dream. However, curating an alternative to the usual dining experience is Hashiri, a Michelin-Starred Sushi Restaurant that is now offering its decadent omakase menu to guests not in restaurant booths but inside quirky geodesic domes! Yes, that’s right!

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Termed ‘Garden Igloos’, the domes can seat up to four for the restaurant’s two-hour, five-course omakase menu. Bookings for the exclusive dining experience are currently open at 5:00 and 7:30 each night for $1400 at the San Francisco outlet. Keeping safety in mind, the restaurant has also positioned barrels and ropes to separate the domes from surrounding crowds along with effective sanitization protocols in place.

Commenting on the service, Hashiri bar manager Kenichiro Matsuura in a statement said, “We wanted to continue offering the fine-dining experience — and safety and peace,” He further added, “Mint Plaza is a phenomenal space, it’s just sometimes the crowd is not too favorable” while stating that the dome experience is the restaurants ‘only option to survive’.

Hashiri, however, isn’t the first restaurant to start an outdoor dining service in response to the pandemic. Mediamatic ETEN – a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam also unveiled enclosed glass structures for dining earlier in the year to serve its customers. If nothing, COVID has sure got restaurants across the globe to think outside the box!

[Via: Eater]