10 Affordable Luxuries For Your Home

There’s a lot of people who seem to get confused by the terminology “affordable luxury living.” The first thing that comes to most minds when they see or hear the word luxury are items like Mercedes Benz autos and million dollar homes. Here’s a news flash. It is possible to spruce up your life with “luxury items” that are affordable and have the capacity to make your life a little bit better.

A luxury item could be defined as any item you don’t necessarily need but something that makes some facet of your life easier or more enjoyable. As a point of reference, here’s 10 affordable luxury items you might consider buying for you home.

1. Portable Foot Rest :
It’s not practical to drag your footrest from the living to other rooms in the house. If you have a portable footrest, you can take it with you to any room. You can even stuff it in your suitcase for use when traveling.

2. Portable Mattress Warmer :
If you enjoy a bed that’s nice and toasty at night, you don’t have to go to the expense of buying a luxury mattress with a builtin mattress warmer. You can get the job done with an electric warmer you simply put under the sheets.

3. Fruit/Vegetable Dryer Sheets :
The moisture that remains in your fruit/vegetable crisper is one of the reasons your produce might be spoiling quicker than normal. You can actually extend the life of your fruits and veggies by placing a dryer sheet (Fresh Paper) in your crisper once a week.

4. Pulsating Shower Head :
If you have difficulty sleeping at night, it might help to take a nice warm shower before bedtime. If you want to spruce your shower up a little bit, you can buy a pulsating shower head that acts to massage your muscles and enhance your relaxation.

5. Matching Bottles for Toiletries :
If you bride yourself on being organized and color coordinated, you might appreciate the opportunity to put your toiletries (hand soap, shampoo, bath wash, conditioner) in matching bottles/dispensers.

6. Monogrammed Sheets and Pillow Cases :
A little needle and thread is very affordable. If you were to have your sheets and pillowcases monogrammed, it could give you that sense of being wealthy in your own way.

7. Electric Knife Sharpener :
How long has it been since you sharpened your knives? Ever? Yes, it’s quite a task to sharpen your knives manually. You could save yourself time and effort with an electric knife sharpener.

8. Sterling Silver Coffee Mug Tree :
If you enjoy drinking coffee out of a fancy mug, why not put your coffee mugs on full display by hanging them on a sterling silver coffee mug tree? If done right, your display might also serve as a piece of artwork.

9. Electric Toothbrush :
Every day, you wake up, put toothpaste on your toothbrush and go to work cleaning your teeth and making your breath fresh. An electric toothbrush would take a little muscle work out of the process.

10. Clothing Valet :
When you come home from work, do you throw your clothes on a chair? As an alternative, a fancy clothing valet would give a nice place to put your clothes and keep them from wrinkling.