11Ravens’ hand-crafted Theseus table-tennis table makes the game more suave

When it comes to building exceptionally unique table-tennis tables, trust United States manufacturer 11Ravens to get the job done just right. Take the Theseus table for instance. Crafted unlike any other table-tennis table you might have set your eyes on previously, this one’s elegant and a sophisticated addition to just about any male den! Optionally built from Bamboo, teak or aluminium, the Theseus is currently 11Ravens’ best-selling table, and like its siblings, the table is hand-crafted. Priced at $13,875 for the wooden versions and $15,625 for the aluminium piece, 11Ravens also offers to include brand images and corporate logos on the table base.

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The manufacturer also has on offer similarly elegant table-tennis tables, including the Arclight, the Raven and the Targus, all unique and exquisite, priced between $11,250 and $16,875 each.