11Ravens’ hand-crafted Theseus table-tennis table makes the game more suave

When it comes to building exceptionally unique table-tennis tables, trust United States manufacturer 11Ravens to get the job done just right. Take the Theseus table, for instance. Crafted, unlike any other table-tennis table you might have set your eyes on previously, this one’s elegant and sophisticated addition to just about any male den! Optionally built from Bamboo, teak, or aluminum, the Theseus is currently 11Ravens’ best-selling table, and like its siblings, the table is hand-crafted. Priced at $13,875 for the wooden versions and $15,625 for the aluminum piece, 11Ravens also offers to include brand images and corporate logos on the table base.

The manufacturer also has on offer similarly elegant table-tennis tables, including the Arclight, the Raven and the Targus, all unique and exquisite, priced between $11,250 and $16,875 each.

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