12 Inspiring Furniture Placement Ideas

Decorating your house, the way you see fit can be a time-consuming task that leaves you overwhelmed and stressed. That’s because there are a lot of factors that go into the process, from considering your lifestyle, your preferences, your personal aesthetic, and down to your budget. But starting with arranging the pieces of furniture will leave room for your imagination to be run and get creative. The first thing that you need to consider when you are still in an empty room, is the purpose of the room you are trying to fit the furniture in. Is it a bedroom where you don’t want much space for movement? Or is it a living room that you must have a lot of empty spaces? Second, comes the size of the room. Next, consider your favorite place in the room that you want to highlight. Deciding on the focal point in the room can offer you great help when you are trying to bring the whole room together. And many other factors that you need to consider when you are trying to place your furniture in a creative way.

Right here, you will find a mini guide on 12 ideas to place your furniture, what you need to consider, and what are the rules that might make this task easier.

1. Chairs In The Balcony
Getting cozy in the balcony with some comfy bean bags to chill and unwind after a long stressful day sounds perfect. But you can take these relaxing vibes to the next level by creating a small workspace in your balcony. Most of us who work from home don’t get to go out a lot to get some fresh air and enjoy the weather. Being cooped up in your room all day working on your music, books, or just watching Netflix is scientifically proven to be bad for your mental health. If you don’t have a lot of chances to go out, you can always spend your working hours in the balcony. Create your own workspace with just a beanbag to be added in the corner to give an illusion that you are not taking too much space out of the balcony, especially if it’s small. If you don’t have any beanbags, add a normal chair and a small desk and start working with a view. If you want to create your own workspace in your garden, you need to know that there is a big difference between home and garden furniture, especially in the used material. Choose the right furniture to place in your garden and start working.

2. Dining By The Pool
Moving your whole dining room by the poolside may sound crazy but it’s actually a refreshing change. Adding your dining table to the pool house might be just the change you needed to bring your whole family together. You can change the scenery to feel like you are taking a vacation without having to take time off work and spend so much money on traveling. You can take it to the next level and turn your backyard into your dream pool house to complete your dream retreat. Choose a comfy couch and some chairs and turn your pool house into a simple, yet amazing, secondary living room.

3. A Wall-Side Table
With a simple table that you can place in any unused corner in your house, you can create a creative corner to display things you want to highlight. You can add your collection of alcoholic beverages with some added fade lighting to the corner to stand out. This can change the whole room by giving it some modern vibes. You can also choose this corner to display your favorite books, a collection of scented candles, and many other things. Not only that you are making use of the corners you are ignoring around your house, but it’s visually appealing with some lights and decorations to show off your personal taste. This adds a dreamy and fashionable sense to the room without exerting much effort.

4. A Bench To Create Your Private Space
Create your own private space to be the perfect getaway in any corner of your house isn’t as hard as you imagined. Make use of the empty corners and add a couch, some plants, and a table lamp or two. It’s a huge plus if you chose a corner by the window to enjoy some natural lighting in the morning while you are reading in your own space. If you have any kids, teach them that they are not allowed to interrupt your “me” time once you sit in this area. Sit and unwind after a long stressful day with your favorite book and a glass of wine to give yourself the peace of mind you need to be able to feel energized in the morning. Make sure that any furniture you place by the window isn’t taller so that you aren’t hiding the window itself as it obstructs the view and makes the whole room look weird and awkward.

5. Think Of Your Closet Vertically
For small bedrooms or houses, you might need to get smart about your placement ideas. Make use of the vertical space you have to make your room less crowded. You can use a platform bed and create a storage space below it, or by the bedside, fit your own storage units. These ideas will save you quite the space in your small room and give it that trendy minimal look. Get creative with the way you are sorting your storage units and play with them until you reach a look that you are happy with.

6. Or You Can Make Use of The Walls
Built-in entertainment unit and storage units have been trending for quite some time right now and it’s for a good reason. Whether your rooms are small or not, units add a unique minimal sense to the room. It gives a clean and uncluttered look by hiding all the cables while holding many things such as books, TV, various cords, cable receiver, game consoles, and more. Hiding the cords and cables is a convenient solution for parents who have pets who could chew on these chords or kids.

7. A Console As An Entry Drop Spot
Wide consoles can be used beside the door as a table or desk without even looking like one. You can use it as a landing spot, to place all the items you need before you go out or the items you leave once you enter your house. Keep your keys, sunglasses, car keys, hats, scarves, and even some gum. This idea can add so much to the area around the entry door with the right table-cloth and covers. Not only that this item is unique, but it works as a reminder of the things you mustn’t leave without.

8. Different Light Sources At Different Heights
Add a lamp on a low table, and another one on the floor, maybe you can hang one on the wall. Lighting at different heights creates an illusion to make the room seem bigger, wider, and more interesting. Be clever with your lighting options and positions to highlight what you want to highlight, and hide what you want to stay invincible. Lighting works great in making the room seem warmer, more eye-pleasing, and visually interesting. Maybe you can think about adding lighting around your mirrors, or your artwork, or on an interesting wallpaper.

9. Party In Your Wine Cellar
Besides the wine racks, you can throw some pieces of furniture in your wine cellar and you have got yourself the perfect place for a party. Throwing themed parties in your wine cellar are much more fun, especially during the winter when everyone doesn’t feel like spending their time outside. You can add a great fireplace, some wooden chairs, a table for the cheese, and you are good to go. Make sure that the pieces of furniture you are using for your wine cellar match the rustic wine rack that you have. Or you can go in the opposite direction and create a contrast by adding some colorful modern pieces of furniture.

10. Hammock In The Bedroom
People usually think of hammocks to be exclusive to the outside area of your house. And most of these people wait impatiently for the summer to start hanging their hammocks outside. So, why not hang your hammock to relax inside during the winter? You can hang a hammock anywhere in your house, from living rooms, sunrooms, on the balcony, to wherever you want it. Hammocks are a great way to relax and unwind with a book in your hand. But they are a great way to lift the stress off of your back, literally. You can enjoy a good night’s sleep in the hammock to prevent tossing and turning and give yourself a restful night. Don’t forget to take measurements to be able to hang your hammock. And if you don’t feel like it, you can always get a stand for the hammock to spare yourself the hassle.

11. Adding a bench in the kitchen
Not many people think about adding furniture in the kitchen, especially those who have small kitchens. But, adding a small bench or a couch in the kitchen sound incredibly convenient for many reasons. You will find a place to rest during the endless long cooking sessions when you don’t feel like going back and forth just to check on the food. Other people might be afraid that their food will be over-cooked if they didn’t watch it. With a bench, a chair, or a couch in your kitchen, you won’t have to leave the kitchen anymore. Imagine that you can sit and relax while you are boiling some milk, waiting for the right moment to not spill your Turkish coffee, or simply waiting for the microwave to beep.

12. Back To Back Sofas
Back to back sofas are a great way to show off your sophisticated and aesthetic style. They can be a bit tricky to add in bigger spaces, but they can easily divide the room without making it feel too crowded or chopped off. In small areas, they are perfect to save space while offering as many seat options as you can. If the room has more than one focal point, you don’t have to tire yourself to come up with the solution. You can just use back-to-back sofas, and your problem is solved.

Furniture Placement Rules
Online shopping has made our lives easier when it comes to the process of furniture buying. However, how can you put together every piece of furniture you have bought? The answer to this question might seem hard at first, but there are a few guidelines that you can follow to make this job easier.

-First, understand the purpose of the room and know for sure how space is used so you will be able to arrange the furniture based on that.
-Never forget to map your traffic to be able to leave room for the flow. It’s best that you leave at least 3 feet space for walking between the different pieces of furniture.
-Make sure that any piece of furniture you lay, especially chairs, gets a surface that you can place a cup of coffee, your book, or your laptop on.
-You can always play with mirrors and lighting to make the rooms look bigger. Creating visual illusions is so fun to execute and so fun to witness.

The last important advice that we have to offer is to have fun and to experiment with your arranging. Erase the conventional layouts that you find in every home, and start trying new things. Once you open your mind and stop pushing all the furniture up against the walls, you will find many possibilities that you have never thought of. Many people get stuck on only one layout that they think it works. But sometimes, even small changes such as moving a sofa 12 inches away from the wall or moving a loveseat under a window, can make a huge difference in your home.

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