2013 Mercedes-Benz furniture collection

Mercedes-Benz equals uber luxury and opulence, there’s no doubt about that. The brand, in the past few years has extended its wings beyond its primary offering, with initiatives like the high and mighty Mercedes House, its collaboration with high-end firms such as the Silver Arrow Marine, and its own line of gifting options. In between all this, the brand also initiated in 2010 a luxury label – Mercedes-Benz Style, which amalgamates unmatched engineered luxury with unprecedented attributes of famous design houses. Its in such a collaboration with Italy’s leading manufacturers of designer furniture – Formitalia Luxury Group, that Mercedes-Benz Style has created a furniture collection. The 2013 Mercedes-Benz furniture collection impresses with an aesthetically appealing interplay of dramatic proportions, organically formed contours and flowing lines, creating an extraordinary harmony and lightness. Let’s take a peek at the latest collection:

Lounge Chair & Stool

The lounge swivel chair and stool is a three-dimensionally formed wooden frame, which has been structured in aluminum matt and covered in leather. The most impressive factor in the furniture is the outstanding color tone used.




The sofa collection has been given character by a wooden frame, which has been meticulously wrapped in natural leather. You could have two options in this set: have the sides covered in leather or two – have it done up in wood, like in the picture.



Coffee Table

The Coffee Table from this opulent collection follows a futuristic design that impresses. The fascinating factor in this piece of furniture is the curved wood, which has been further covered in veneer and complimented with a metal matt structure.


This sofa collection, unlike the previous, has been characterized by a metal frame and wrapped in black leather covering with diamond stitching on the back and arms.


Coffee Table

This Coffee Table from Mercedes-Benz Style has a wooden top in grey veneer accompanied with a black organic pattern and is matt finished with open pores. This unit is also available in a glossy finish.


The bed from the collection features a simple but clean design. Its headboard, rear, and frame made in leather col, has Cielo with diamond stitching, and its feet in aluminum matt.

[Via – Fabioluciani]

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