Priced at $150,000, Tiffany & Co just dropped the mother of all advent calenders

The holiday season is upon us and bringing in the festivities already is Tiffany & Co. with the yearly holiday calendar! And this time, the marquee has decided to honor one of the most influential artists of the 20th century: Jean-Michel Basquiat, with a reproduced version of his painting applied across the edition. Presented in the form of an armoire-style, four-foot-tall white oak cabinet, the late New York artist’s 1982 work, Equals Pi features on the front and center of the calendar. Inspired by the true Basquiat style, the doors on the oak calendar also serve as a canvas for faithful reproduction of the painting.

And much like its exterior, what lies inside the calendar is just as enticing. On opening the painted doors, users will find 24 blue boxes sporting custom-numbered hangtags and filled with Tiffany jewelry and other gifts. While it is difficult to ascertain the exact nature of the contents, taking a cue from previous advent calendars, one can hope to find the likes of an 18-karat yellow-gold T True bracelet, a sterling silver paper cup, an 18-karat rose gold Smile pendant, and more inside the luxe wooden doors.

In addition to officiating the holiday fever, the brand will also make a $250,000 donation from the sales of the calendar to Free Arts NYC, a nonprofit organization that provides art and mentoring programs to youth from underserved communities. Priced at a cool $150,000, Tiffany and Co.’s 2021 Holiday Advent Calendar is now available in limited quantities on the marquee’s official website.

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