This 24k gold plated crib costs more than one year’s rent of an apartment in Burj Khalifa

Wealthy families in the Middle East are not exactly shrinking violets when it comes to flaunting their wealth. From gold plated phones to cars, they’ve tried everything so furniture could be the only natural next step. In this case, it’s a crib, but totally unlike any baby cot you’ve ever seen before.

Touted as the world’s most luxurious baby bed, this crib is coated all over with 24 carat gold. Creators Marta Buzalska and Darius Panczyk weren’t satisfied with that much. Instead they added an ultra-luxe interior made from the same kind of leather that is used on the seats of Maserati cars. “The baby bed has been designed to mimic the feel of being in the womb, while offering parents a chic, high-end piece of furniture to add to their home,” said the Polish designers. In fact, the bed is supposedly intended for infants born prematurely.

The quilted interior of the bed also features Swarovski embellishments which reference the stars in the night sky. The mattress used is flexible, totally natural, and hypoallergenic. “We came up with the idea while walking around Gdynia Marina, observing the exclusive yachts in the docks, while awaiting the birth of our baby boy Franek, and looking for an ideal cot. There were plenty of beautiful baby beds on the market, yet all of them were of the classic type. We wanted to have something exceptional, almost like the yachts themselves: a bed that would provide our sweetheart with security while looking good in our modern home,’ said Marta Buzalska.

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With around 200,000 man hours dedicated to the creation of each of these luxurious cribs, the eye-watering price of $60,000 (Dh220,000) is unsurprising. It may deter some, but the designers claim they already have a list of customers lined up for this exclusive baby bed.


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