5 Statement Pieces for Your Home

Have you ever walked through your home and wondered how to make a big statement that speaks to your signature style? You could embrace celebrity culture and opt for something over the top like Tracy Morgan, who had a 2,700-gallon shark tank weighing more than 50 tons, Animal Planet reports. Shark lovers can rejoice and watch their new friends swimming happily. For the rest of us, we can opt for more reasonable, affordable and less exotic statement pieces.

From electric fireplaces to just the right light fixtures, here are five ways statement pieces to transform your home.

Electric fireplace
Have you ever envied your friends who luxuriate in front of roaring fireplaces in their living rooms? You can add your own statement piece with an electric fireplace to infuse luxury and style on a budget. It saves the hassle and astronomical expense of adding a traditional fireplace, but still looks high end. And if your living room is on the small side, you can opt for a TV stand with an electric fireplace to turn it into a storage statement piece. Choose from modern farmhouse styles, beachside or traditional to store away books and keepsakes while enjoying a fire and watching TV at the same time.

Oversized mirror
An oversized mirror in your favorite color makes a big statement in any room in the house. Incorporate it into your entry foyer design to welcome guests. Or use one in a small room to reflect the light and create the illusion of more windows. You can also add a large mirror in your bathroom instead of the standard rectangle mirror covering the expanse of your wall. Try a large mirror surrounded by smaller ones in your favorite shapes to turn your bathroom or hallway into a work of art.

Dining table
Sharing a meal with family and friends is a time-honored tradition and deserving of a spectacular table. You can choose a traditional table to gather around, or opt for a long picnic style table and bench to create a communal feel. Style-conscious shoppers can choose a dining table embodying handmade techniques including wood carving, metal cutting and meticulously executed craftsmanship. Add fresh flowers or a nature-inspired centerpiece to give your dining table a personalized touch.

You don’t need to turn your home into an art gallery to infuse some creative inspiration in your space. Choose meaningful finds from local artists, heirlooms or pieces that just speak to you. From paintings to sculptures or even a hand-painted mural, carefully choosing meaningful artwork can transform your home. You can also turn your children’s artwork or mementos from your travels and transform into a collage into a sentimental collection.

Nothing says luxury like a looming chandelier over a dining table or living area. You can choose ultra high-end chandeliers or opt for smaller pieces, funky globes and inexpensive options from your local home retailer. And although chandeliers are ideal above the dining table, you can also use in surprising areas of your home. Romantic lighting above your bed, a small chandelier to soften up your bathroom or a whimsical light pink lighting fixture in a baby’s room brings luxury to any room in the house.

Statement pieces should speak to your personality and style without overwhelming your home. Choose the pieces that make the biggest impact and create the flow of your room around it. Whether you’re choosing an electric fireplace or chandelier, you can transform the look of your home in a single afternoon and without breaking the bank.