5 ways to add five-star luxury to your everyday life

After long spells on tours and travels, it is normal for your body to feel so acclimatized to those sumptuous five-star hotel settings, Michelin-star restaurants, and luxury lifestyle.
Waking up from your decadent sleep, you step out of bed, and those super-comfy pads greet your feet. Wrapped in your early morning cotton robe, you stylishly walk on the lush, thick-pile carpet and into the spa bathroom. Even by now, you still haven’t really awoken to consciousness because of the level of comfort you’re in, not until the full body jets in the glass shower and the smell of the hand-milled French lavender soap awaken your senses.
This is exactly what it feels like to stay in a top-star hotel on a luxury vacation. And as you might have guessed, most of us dream of creating a similar sensation in our homes. But how can this be achieved? You wonder! Well, let’s find that out.

You’ve got to have a lavish bedroom :
Think of all those hotels you’ve visited; why do you think you never wanted to leave them? For starters, the bedrooms were so expertly designed that they made you feel like you were in paradise. Indeed, your bedrooms at home are no match for these wonderful works. But who said you could not create, at least, something similar to that?

To create a similar luxury feeling in your home, all you need to do is pay a little more attention to those things you never considered to be too important. That is, the bedding, curtains, wall frames, lightning, pillows, and the likes.

To start with, you can buy a supportive mattress, a down comforter, Egyptian cotton sheets (go for the highest thread count your money can buy, if possible use coupon codes to shop for it), and a set of plump down pillows.

Ensure that the bed is fitted in a King/Queen style, with a plush headboard to lay your head against. Remember, every bit of a hotel is meticulously planned out, and the designs are always amazing too. So, if you want to create the perfect “Staycation” in your home, too, you need to try and replicate many of the things you’ve seen in those high-end hotels.

Add a feel of a spa into your bathroom :
The luxe hotel-like feeling you’re trying to create doesn’t have to end in the bedroom. In fact, moving from your luxury bedroom into a serene and posh decor bathroom makes for the perfect indoor luxury lifestyle.

Remember that luxe hotel you stayed at during your last holiday vacation? What amenities did the bathroom have?

Most likely, they had a glass-enclosed walk-in shower with full-body jets and an inviting shower head. Oh, and of course, they must have had a Jacuzzi tub too (what’s a luxe setting without a jacuzzi to light up your bathroom experience). And what’s more, there would have been some glitzy wall sconces lighting up the mirrors, as well as a lavish offering of soaps and scents too.

Your home entry has to be luxe :
Luxe hotels have this habit of blowing away the minds of their guests, even from their entrance area. With their orchids, glitzy glasses, ornamental pieces, and numerous jaw-dropping lighting fixtures, there is hardly anyone strong enough to resist the temptation of passing the night in any of the best hotels.

But considering your home probably doesn’t have enough free space to accommodate all of these, how else can you replicate these luxurious features to make your home as appealing as a top-star hotel?

Well, what you have to do is actually pretty simple. Although you may not have enough cash to make your home entry as posh as a hotel, you can still enchant visitors with some tiny bits of beauties here and there. All you have to do is find a way to guide your visitors’ eyes to a certain centerpiece.

For starters, you can have a small fascinating entryway table made of marble, wood, or shiny lacquer.

Then on this table, you can place a radiant lamp, a set of knick-knacks, and other pieces of stuff that best appeal to your tastes, and of course, a pretty orchid arrangement.

However, if space doesn’t permit, then you can place the table against the wall. But to beautify this setup, you may need to place a statement mirror, an ornamental frame, or a piece of art above or behind the table (you can try starburst mirror; they work exceptionally well in this case).

To add a bit of sophistication to your entryway, you can create a lobby-like space – if you have a small, extra room for that – where visitors can pull or wear their shoes. Don’t forget to add a plump chair to this room.

Get some exquisite curtains :
Amongst the things many homeowners shut their eyes to are curtains, blinds, and draperies. But as much as we love to consider these pieces as less than important, they set the tone for a luxe domestic arrangement. So, instead of settling for those cheap curtains you find in local stores, try to get some charming fabric designs and sow your curtains or draperies yourself. However, if you cannot handle this yourself, you can get someone to help you with it.

Lightning makes all the difference :
The secret to the exquisiteness of any hotel lies in their lightning, chandeliers, wall sconces, side lamps, and art lamps. Although the space in your apartment may not permit the addition of all these, you can pick out the ones that best beautify the different areas of your house. For starters, you can get the chandeliers in the sitting room, wall sconces in the bathroom, art lamps in the bedroom, and mood lighting in other nooks.