5 ways you can transform your home by taking inspiration from your favorite luxury hotel

If you are like many people, you enjoy traveling and experiencing the finer things in life. It is a chance to escape your own reality for a period of time and just enjoy the comforts that are found in your new surroundings. One of the best parts of traveling is being able to stay in a luxury hotel. You will encounter many amenities that you never even knew existed. Many of these you would love to have in your bedroom when you return home. Use that inspiration found at a luxury hotel as you consider ways to upgrade your own bedroom.

Buy a Terrific Mattress
Luxury hotels have long known this secret. If you want guests to come back again and again, you want to give them a great night of sleep. That begins with an investment in quality mattresses. You will want to do the same as you upgrade your own bedroom. This is your chance to get a mattress that will really make you comfortable beyond words for seven to nine hours each and every evening.

Install Some Ambient Lighting
Proper lighting is really important, particularly when you have a long day and just want to relax at the end of it all. You will want to upgrade your lighting so that you can create different environments depending on the time of day and your mood. Adjustable lamps are a must. Consider dimmers that will give you bright lights in the day and soft glows at night. This will help you as you get ready to sleep as well.

Pay Attention To Your Pillows and Fabrics
Consider the importance of the pillows in your bedroom. You will want some pillows that allow you to sleep comfortably along with some that really make the room look great. Remember to choose comfortable fabrics for your chairs so that you can enjoy sitting in them no matter what time of the day or night it might be.

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Don’t Forget About Feng Shui
You have probably heard about the design practice known as Feng Shui but now is your opportunity to incorporate it into your bedroom. This is all about maximizing the space that you have. Luxury hotels are great at doing this. You will want to take a look at what you have and then find out ways to make better use of the area that you use for sleeping and resting. This will enhance your level of comfort and just make you feel better each and every time that you step foot inside the bedroom.

Artwork Matters
If the walls in your bedroom are looking a little bare, it is time to take a page from that luxury hotel room you enjoy staying at so much. Such rooms are known for their brilliant artwork. Consider adding some pieces to your own room to really liven up the place. This will also create a positive mood each time you cast your eyes upon the pieces of art that you have assembled, putting you in a peaceful mood and ready for sleep.

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These five concepts will go a long way towards bringing that luxury hotel feel right to your bedroom. This will become a place that you will really look forward to arriving home to each day. It will also create a comfortable environment in which you can get some quality sleep. At the end of the day, this will greatly increase your quality of life at the same time.

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