6 High-End Products for Your Home That Are Worth the Money

There are few splurges in life that are worth paying extra for, but there are plenty that seems like a waste of money. What differentiates the two, where one feels like a huge regret and the other feels like the wisest purchase you have ever made? Perhaps it’s the idea that an expensive, luxury product pays for itself a hundred times over because you get such good use out of it, so choosing the right one doesn’t feel like such a major purchase.

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Ready to take the plunge and splurge on some life-changing products? Here’s a list of the best ones that are worth every penny.

1. A mattress
Some people may argue that it’s a waste to spend so much on something you only use while you’re asleep, but have you ever slept on a cheap mattress? A good night’s rest where you wake up feeling completely refreshed and ready to start the day without any achy muscles is priceless, not to mention crawling into the most comfortable bed at the end of a long day is heavenly. Plus, you spend a third of your life asleep, so shouldn’t it feel supportive and comfortable?

Spending the extra dough to buy the biggest top-of-the-line mattress is one of the best luxury purchases you can make. The extra space will make you feel like royalty, and if you’re sharing with a partner, you have the option of cuddling close or spreading out. The comfort of a high-end mattress is unlike anything—it truly feels like sleeping on the softest, puffiest cloud—and it also regulates temperature really well, so if you get too hot at night, a top-notch mattress can help fix that problem. You can also get a mattress with life-changing features, like memory foam, ones that isolate movement, or ones that are adjustable.

2. Bedding
If you’re splurging on a mattress, you may as well splurge on quality bedding to go with it and make your bed truly luxurious. An expensive down-filled duvet is definitely worth the extra money for a few reasons: the down fill is highly concentrated, so there aren’t any feather stems poking out through the material to poke you in the middle of the night; it regulates temperature exceptionally well, so even on warmer nights, you won’t overheat; it feels like a weighted blanket, which many people say contributes to a better, cozier sleep; and it will last much longer than a lesser quality duvet.

Next: the sheets and pillows. Egyptian cotton is famously luxurious, but bamboo sheets are a comparable level of comfort, if not more comfortable than cotton. Bamboo body pillows are another great splurge, and combined with your sheets, will allow you to sleep like a baby.

3. Kitchen knives
The most dangerous knife is a dull knife, so buying high-end expensive knives that will stay sharp for longer are better to use. It’s worth splurging on a well-known brand name set for the assurance that they will last a long time and will be easy to use, clean, sharpen, and replace in case of any damage.

4. Vacuum cleaner
High-end vacuum cleaners are well worth the extra cash. Have you ever gone over the same area two, three, or even four times and still see dirt? Frustrating, isn’t it? With a top-notch brand name vacuum, that won’t happen. The suction is just as powerful on day 1000 as it is on day 1, making it so much quicker and easier to get your chores done.

You could also opt for a robotic vacuum that you can program to clean on a schedule completely on its own. Just set it and forget it and come home to clean floors without having to lift a finger.

5. Television
A home theater system is no match compared to a cheap TV and speakers when enjoying a movie night with friends or catching up on all your favorite binge-worthy shows. Splurging on the best TV money can buy truly makes a difference in the quality of the picture and sound. Choosing a model with the highest definition will convince you never to go to a movie theater again, and the enriching surround sound system to match will allow you to hear everything with crisp precision.

6. Coffee maker
Coffee lovers understand the difference between a good cup of coffee and a bad one. Having your morning cup of joe in the comfort of your own home before you have to make small talk with coworkers is one of those life luxuries everyone would love, but most don’t want to sacrifice the quality of coffee for an at-home brew. If you spend the extra money on a high-end coffee maker, you don’t have to sacrifice anything, so you can have your (coffee) cake and eat it too.

While the above products may appear expensive at first glance, they will each drastically improve your enjoyment and comfortable within your home. Whether you’re a coffee fiend or love to binge-watch your favorite shows, adding these vital extras into your property will create a haven you’ll be rushing to return to every day.