A $6000 office chair that is inspired by sports cars

Have you been on the constant lookout for that one very special office chair, which motivates you to spend longer hours at your desk and lesser hours at the coffee machine? Ken Okuyama, designer of the Ferrari Enzo and the new-generation Porsche 911, has exactly what you’re looking for. Called the Vaya, this chair carries the pedigree of legendary sports cars from the stables of Porsche and Ferrari. Besides the fact that the Vaya looks extremely futuristic, it’s downright practical and comfortable too, making it the perfect addition to modern workspaces. According to the chair’s website, it’s designed to “move with you throughout your day while encouraging healthy, perfectly aligned posture.”

Simply put, the Vaya ensures your back stays healthy through the day. Being a Japanese masterpiece, the chair is intricately designed and sculpted to perfection. Nearly every component of the chair is adjustable, making it an adaptable and versatile piece of furniture. Probably one of the most comfortable office chairs on earth, the Vaya is simply flawless and brilliant in design and functionality. The chair is available in a range of colors that are reminiscent of sports cars from the aforementioned automakers. While the regular black version of the chair is priced at $2999, the limited edition colored model is priced at $6000. The latter is signed and numbered by Ken Okyama himself!

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