A bathroom sink hidden in a wooden trunk by Giulio Gianturco

Stacking money and valuables under mattresses, inside upholstered furniture, behind kitchen molding and kickboards –if you think this really is a clever idea wait until you read this. Giulio Gianturco has designed ‘Hidden’ washbasin concealed within a wooden box for bathroom concept company Makro.

‘Hidden’ washbasin is made from thermo treated wood in Hemlock finish. Once opened it reveals itself into a functional washbasin area with Corian stainless steel taps, mirror with magnifier, lowered shelves, object holder drawer, light and plug, more like a self contained powder room. When closed, the sink becomes an elegant wooden box to hide any mess.

The product is not yet available in the market but in the future if you happen to walk into a bathroom looking for a sink and find a wooden box instead, lift it open to discover the ingenious wash station.


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