A bathtub with invisible surround sound, HD TV and champagne chillers for the ultimate bathtainment

Unique Automation’s automated bathtubs put that jazziest Jacuzzi to shame. How? By doing what no tub can, doubling up as a butler! Their bathler combines the bliss of a bath with the services of the most suave of butlers, delivering everything from drinks to entertainment. With LED light controllers, bathovision (HDTV), invisible speakers and beverage chillers, it sounds less like a bathtub and more like a private party zone. And if that weren’t enough, the range has three base models with the top of the range, bathomatic 005 signature featuring multiple screens and larger beverage chillers, of up to 3 meters, faster fill, drain rate and more.

Made from Corian, none of the baths have visible taps, drains or overflow. Instead, they feature elegant minimalist slots to the bottom sides for filling and draining. The whisper quiet whirlpool only enhances the experience of the invisible surround sound while the 24” bathovision HD TV allows for full Internet access including social networking and web browsing as well as streaming media from a server or a PC at home. And if you’re worried about water’s proximity to all that technology, a waterproof touch keyboard with a pointer pad makes sure you have no cause for concern. So, while you count all the more reasons to stay submersed, a champagne chiller awaits to replace dehydration with celebration.

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When not in use, the bathomatic bathler 005, sits unobtrusively yet wonderfully, with all controls and accessories hidden away. But one touch and the control panel comes alive like a genie’s lamp, buttons at ready for your bath-wish fulfillment. Then you just bring out the bath-tainment with the TV and the pop-up-pocket concealed keyboard, not to mention the champagne for the bubbliest bubble bath experience.

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The price range of the collection is listed as –
Bathomatic Bathler 005 White is up for $28,000, Bathhler 005 ultimate White sells for $44,000 and the Bathler 005 Signature (Any Corian) sports a Price On Application tag.