Decadent globe worth £5000 can be the new objet d’art for world travel enthusiasts

Who would have ever thought that globe making could also be a tasteful art? Bellerby & Co. founder Peter Bellerby made it one and made it big! With just 7 years of being in the business, the company has grown from a small birthday gift idea in a basement into a large successful business of bespoke, candescent art for which customers are willing to pay anywhere between $1500 to $20,000! Most people might think that’s a crazy amount for a replica of the world when you can actually buy a return ticket to see parts of the world, but they’re probably not the people to appreciate luxury art then.

Coming back to Bellerby & Co., among their line up of models, they have The Perano Edition, which unlike any other globe, is ornate and elegant with its political and demographic intricate details set in antique hues of dark green, olive green and taupe. The rustic globe sits on a wooden stand, with a choice of either oak or mahogany; and is also supported by handcrafted and intricately marked wooden horizon rings. The globe is also set in a solid brass ring meridian that is also marked to perfection. The masterpiece is measures around 50 cm in diameter and 1 m in height, making it a good side-table historical curio for a study or library.

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Globe making and collecting is a newfound art for appreciating the world, as it is with all its geographical features and also in a way, the beauty of world travel too. All Bellerby globes are hand-made right down to last detail and are always up to date. The 2015 Perano edition can be purchased for $7900 (£4,990). Visit the website for more details.

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[Available at – Bellerby & Co.]

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