A super sleek and cutting edge kitchen by Pininfarina

Just like mankind, for anything to evolve, a harmonious unity is helpful. We have seen, and read about so many examples that now we can put a stamp on it. In fact, except for the institution of marriage between humans, every other union is working out quite well.

And the most common ventures we hear these days are focussed on design. Italian kitchen gurus Snaidero and Italian car design firm Pininfarina have given birth to their latest child, Aria, an example of ‘pure innovation’. The relationship which has been sailing on for 20 strong years is adapting to the change and needs of the day. Aria kitchens are inspired by nature and are rich in design and functionality.

It features a wing-like, streamlined and chiselled structure from the central base to ‘grasp the lower table surface and the shelving’. Like a yoga pose. And from that edge, it rises again in alignment with the worktop ‘finishing in a crescendo of light’. Did your head bob while reading this? Slightly maybe? See – it creates music just by reading about it. So having to prepare a family meal in this kitchen would be like a scene from a highway musical.

The kitchen is made in which means … it will be ‘light yet highly resistant to wear and tear’ and has a special finish giving it a fine texture. Lastly, the technology embedded in the kitchen is, needless to say, impressive.

This design claims pioneer nautical technology in the kitchen, usually used in ships and airplanes. Lastly, the most striking feature of this design is a light ring that hangs over the work area. Made in polycarbonate with an innovative rapid prototyping method based on 3D print technology it uses LED lighting system with low energy consumption – which means, you won’t get your food burnt and the light bill won’t give you a stroke.

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